Verona Wood Fired Ovens

Wood Fired!

Verona Ovens - Installation

The optional gas back-up system needs a 19mm gas line and 240v 10A 50Hz power supply. The tested gas burner system should be installed at the same time as positioning the oven.

If you would like more information, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Verona Ovens.

The Verona Oven is delivered on one or two pallets depending on the model in a kit form for easy assemble.
Base construction with base plate and architectural surroundings are not included.
For the installation of any model you do not need any mechanical handling equipment. Two reasonably strong people will be able to lift the precision moulded sections into position. The base construction is preferably built on a concrete floor. Ensure base plate is level for easy positioning of oven.
The manual installation plan will be supplied with your oven. Smaller models are extremely easy to install.
The flue system is placed directly onto the specially designed smoke outlet

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